Thursday, January 10, 2019


- The August issue of U.S. Banker magazine recently spotlighted the community banks in the United States, recognizing the strong relationship between the community banker's health and well-being and the prosperity of local businesses. The article went on to rank banks ranging from $100 million to $373 million in assets, based on Return on Equity and growth in Earning per Share. There were three sets of ranking in each group, based upon the year 2000 results, and on three-and five-year results.

In the $131 million to $201 million group, Sonoma Valley Bancorp was ranked 8th in the one-year category, 6th in the three-year category, and Number 1 - Most Profitable in the five-year category. In the prestigious five-year rankings, Sonoma Valley Bancorp scored Number 1 in 5-year return on average equity of 16.38 % and also Number 1 in 5-year average growth of earnings per share of 17.8%, to earn the overall composite first place rank. Sonoma valley Bancorp shares are listed on the OTC Bulletin Board (OTCBB) and the stock symbol is SBNK.

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